Post-Christmas Capsule Wardobe Edit

As you know, it's been about a month since I started my first capsule wardrobe and I've received some new clothes from Christmas! I didn't want to wait until after Christmas to start wearing a capsule wardrobe, so before committing to the initial pieces, I gave myself permission to do an update after the holiday, just in case I got any of the items I'd been eyeing since fall. 

what's out

Even though a month doesn't seem long, I feel I have a better idea of what pieces are actually my go-to pieces and which I incorporated because of nostalgia. *cough*Paris sweater*cough*

What's Out: holiday edit

PARIS SWEATER : this sweater used to be a favorite and I thought I could really make it work with the rest of my pieces, but it turns out that it isn't as versatile as I thought it was. It's going from the "definitely" to "maybe" pile for now.

RED WOOL SWEATER : as warm as this sweater is, I really only included it as a placeholder for a less red, more orange-colored sweater. Plus the mint-colored version of this same sweater is in the capsule, and it felt strange to have two of the same thick knit sweater when one is more than enough.

GRAY SHORT SLEEVE SWEATER: I had high hopes for this sweater, but those high hopes were based on my delusions of a warm winter. I do love this thing, so it'll absolutely be back for spring when the weather actually warms up.

BLACK THERMAL: OK so the image I ripped from Polyvore doesn't look anything like the thermal I thought I'd need. IRREGARDLESS! (as Gretchen Weiners would say) I've realized that I reach for my black turtle neck when I feel like wearing a plain black long sleeve shirt, not this. Also I do not need three black tops in my wardrobe...not when I could be wearing more green or white!

GREEN/NAVY STRIPE TEE: I'm gonna be honest, I haven't worn this at all. I think I planned for a lot more casual days where I'd prefer to wear a long sleeve tee instead of a sweater. If I had to justify picking this, I'd say it was an instance of over planning. You know, like when you insist on packing seven of each item for a three day trip "just in case." Away it goes for now, we'll see if I reach for it in a future capsule.



Before I dive into my mostly new additions, I need to tell you how time and effort intensive it was to make this graphic. It involved shooting my new clothes under less-than-ideal lighting (read: my overhead light in my living room) with VSCO's camera app on my phone (I'd let my sis take my DSLR out to Truckee that day). So can I just say that I'm pretty happy with the results? Thanks.

Back to our regularly scheduled wardrobe update.

Also, none of these links are affiliated in any way. I'm linking them in case you're been searching for similar items and want to know where you can get them for yourself.

DENIM JACKET: This was a surprise gift. I'd been in Target looking for leggings to wear for this year's Christmas show and pointed it out to Brandon as something I'd wear. He quickly let his mom know and she found the last one in my size. Pretty cool!

CARAMEL SWEATER: I have been dying to find a sweater in this color. I've had plenty of chances to buy one, but just never hit purchase when browsing online, so I'm really glad I finally own a sweater in one of my top three favorite colors!

RUST KNIT SWEATER: This jumper (I've always wanted to call sweaters that!) is replacing the red sweater from my original capsule. It might not read well on a screen, but the color in person is much more orange than red, which fits better into my color palette for this winter. It's no longer available in that burnt orange, but the current color selection is really pretty!

MINT FLOWY TOP: Because if we've learned anything about me, it's that I love all things tinted green. GET IT?!?! 

PLAID SHIRT: I saw this on American Eagle's website while compiling a Christmas wishlist and almost fell out of my chair when I saw it. I guess it's no longer available online, which is total bummer. However it is beautiful and colorful AND gives me a flannel to wear when I want to look lively. Don't even get me started on how soft it is! I could live in it.

TOMS WEDGES: Another semi-surprise gift! I spotted similar wedges on one of my coworkers and loved how cute and effortless they looked. I told my mom that I wanted some wedges like these and what did she do? She bought me the TOMS! That woman has a heart for gifting. And these wedges are so comfortable! Not too high and they don't clack when you walk.

UGG BOOTS: I know, I know, Ugg is short for ugly, but these boots have been with me since 2007. Yeah, NINE YEARS! They've kept my feet warm through all these years, even if I neglected them for years at a time, only wearing them when traveling or running to the gas station over the weekend. But ever since seeing Rosie rock some rolled down Uggs back in October, I haven't been able to stop myself from wearing them for more than errands! I'm so glad I gave these another chance. My warm toes are too!

That's all from me today! I'll catch you next week with a round up of some actual outfits I've been wearing! Until then, you'll find me over on Instagram. These days I'm spending most of my time at the TINTED_GREEN handle!