my first capsule wardrobe ever // winter 2015

I did it! My very first wardrobe capsule ever! I can’t believe I’m actually taking the plunge and committing to wearing 39 pieces (maybe more depending on Christmas gifts) for three months, but I’m excited to see what I learn from this challenge.

I used this wardrobe planner to help me figure out my color scheme and the wardrobe itself, but there are several options available online as far as wardrobe planners go. If you’re like me, you’ll go through the process outlined in each method multiple times before deciding that a capsule wardrobe is supposed to simplify your life instead of making it more complicated. If you’re not, then kudos to you!

My first capsule wardrobe will take me from December through February, though it might be shorter depending on how the season actually changes.

One thing I’ve realized is I know nothing about when seasons really begin and end in California. It seems like elsewhere in the country, the seasonal changes are very obvious. Here in good ol’ NorCal? Not so much. Autumn might officially begin in September, but the leaves and weather don’t really start changing until November hits. So really, we get a very short autumnal window. Anyway, back to the winter capsule wardrobe.

Full disclosure: most of the items in this graphic are not the exact pieces I'll be wearing (trust me, I wish I owned this much J. Crew but I totally don't). Instead, they're items that look like what I own to give you an idea of what I'll be working with. Also, I'm not buying anything specifically for this capsule. I'm trying to see exactly how far I can push my outfit creativity.

I'll be posting borderline annoying ootd pics over on Instagram if you want to keep up!



The one item I didn't include in the photo above is a green and white striped t shirt dress I bought over the summer. I couldn't find anything that looked remotely like it so I skipped it. Plus, I only included it in the official wardrobe list because I wanted to give myself an out in case I ever woke up and decided I didn't want to wear jeans that day. I guess time will tell if that was a necessary back up plan!

The breakdown of this wardrobe is 18 tops, 1 dress, 4 jeans, 2 blazers, 2 jackets, and 8 pairs of shoes.

I have a general unease about my lack of skirt/dress options and my choice to pick six pairs of boots (and why did I end up with so many black pieces?!), but I'm trusting my instincts...kind of.

Even though I don't feel like I did a great enough job with this capsule, right now my goal is to start. I mean, it's my first capsule wardrobe, so I've gotta give myself a little bit of room to make mistakes, right? It's not going to be perfect and I'm actually excited about that!