My Summer Color Palette

I mentioned in my currently post how I've opted for a loose capsule wardrobe this season. The spring capsule gave me such a hard time it left me feeling somewhat discouraged about the whole capsule wardrobe idea.


The unpredictable weather was more than my 40 pieces could handle. I was constantly digging for tank tops during the heat waves and for long sleeve tops on the really cold ones. Summer, while usually a little more weather stable, has been similar to spring this year. The weeks go from mild to blistering and even the mornings start with a cold breeze or fog that burns off in the afternoon.

I had to take stock of my capsule wardrobe experiment. I asked myself if the process was worth it. If it was serving me well. What I would change about it.

I realized that I really liked the structure of the capsule wardrobe but didn't like being tied to a number. I know! I know! So many capsule wardrobers say not to get attached to a number, but it's kind of impossible not to do. I saw everyone else on the Internet sticking to under 40 items so I was compelled to do the same, even though it wasn't really working for me.

To give my capsule a second life, I decided to "break the rules" to really make it work for me. I still went through the process of trying to whittle down my clothing options to 40 items, but I gave myself some leeway on when I would purchase the missing pieces and bonus! I gave myself permission to reach for items in the same color palette but not on The List if I needed to.

This small shift totally worked! I wear mostly items from what I'm calling my "core capsule" anyway, but feeling OK grabbing a knit sweater on a chillier day or an extra pair of shorts for a trip has me liking this capsule wardrobe thing again!


I ended up breaking away from the winter and spring palettes just a little bit. The way I choose my colors was also a little different. It came to me in such a strange, serendipitous way that makes it so cool to me. Geeky as it seems, I'm still as excited about these colors as I was at the start of June!

I kind of belabored the color palette part in my first two capsules because I have a tendency to like a color in general but not for my clothes (i.e.: blush pink). For some reason, this time I didn’t put a ton of active energy into figuring out my colors and instead let it simmer in the back of my mind. Then one morning when I was running late and digging through a pile of yet-to-be-folded laundry, the color palette came to me. I know that sounds weird, but it was totally a light bulb moment! I looked down at one of my dresses and bam! saw the colors all together in my head and went with it!

This season I'm focusing on light denim blues, jade greens, shades of black/charcoal and white with turquoise and tan accents and I'm freaking loving it. The color palette has really tied everything together and still allowed me to experiment with style slash borrow my sisters clothes.

I'm using #capsulesinthewild to track my real outfits on Instagram and truly, I'd love to see yours, too! Feel free to use it to show off your capsule style! You can also tag me (my handle is tinted_green).

Whether or not you rock a capsule wardrobe, do you use a seasonal color palette to help you shop/plan your outfits?