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The last week and a half has been a weird one. I quit my job, packed and cleaned my apartment and threw in a road trip to San Diego in the middle of all of it for good measure. I'm actually still mid-move but once I’m in the new place I'll share where I went in San Diego. For now, please enjoy a photo synopsis of what's been going on around here lately!


Our friend Stephen's birthday was in August and we celebrated by getting dinner and drinks in Davis. We had dinner at DeVere's and were so excited to get to sit in the library section. I always forget how much I like the ambiance at DeVere's because it's usually so crowded. I was really glad that we went midweek AND before the fall quarter started!


Brandon played a show at the Roseville Opera House with Bubba and the Boys a couple of weekends ago. I didn't grow up on country music so I never know the words to the cover songs but I always enjoy seeing these guys play. They're all super talented and good people. They're in the middle of working on some original material too! It's all very exciting.

Views from tonight's gig.

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The Roseville Opera House is a nice venue. I only explored the upstairs bar/dance floor because that's where Brandon was playing. Maybe I'll get to check out the downstairs bar if the Boys get to play there again!

Top: H&M (old), similar here and here // Jeans: Levi's // Leather Ankle Boots: Lucky // Denim jacket: Old Navy


Champagne and a mani pedi.

I said goodbye to Napa after working at a seriously beautiful resort for two years. I learned a lot while I was there and will definitely miss working at the same place as my sister and the friends I made but it was time to move on. To celebrate my last day and to prep for the out of town wedding we were heading to, I went to the spa one last time for a manicure and pedicure. The sweet people in the spa and room service treated me like a total VIP. It was the nicest send-off. All I could think was “They like me! They really like me!” a la Sally Field.


We arrived at our Airbnb in the South Park neighborhood of San Diego in the late afternoon and headed straight to Point Loma to visit my university campus. I had tried to get us a room at the Alumni House on campus but it was sold out for New Student Orientation which was happening that weekend.

The campus was all set up for the newbies so I didn’t get my cool photo of the iconic Greek amphitheater but I did get to sneak into my old classrooms in the History and Political Science building. AND! I got to sit in the chair i always sat at during my department’s weekly discussion group. It was all very nostalgic and it took a lot of effort to not just burst into tears at the rush of beautiful memories I have of that place.

T Shirt Dress: Gap (purchased in petite sizing!) // Denim jacket: Old Navy (as you can tell, I wear it all the time!) // Sandals: Teva


I have to start off by saying this wedding was awesome. It was perfectly classy and low key, just like the bride and groom. My closest friends are all people from my college debate team(s -- I gotta give love to my community college teammates too) and we’ve all scattered to the winds as people do after college. This wedding was a wonderful chance to get to see and catch up with people I love dearly in a city I love.

We got to dress up for this wedding which was a cool change of pace for me and Brandon. We’re very casually dressed people so it’s nice to remember that we can, in fact, glam it up when we want to!

Floor length deep emerald green dress / formal wedding guest outfit

Dress: Lulu's // Earrings: borrowed, similar here and here // Heels (not pictured): Target (old), similar here and here


Berto's burritos are the fuel of move out day. #movingdaypart1 #funemployment #needmorecoffee

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I’m skipping the rest of the San Diego/Universal Studios trip because I’m saving them for their own posts. Which brings us to move out day. I’m historically not a stellar packer. I’m infamous in my family for not packing up my dorm room before graduating college. My sister and then-fiance Brandon had to basically do it for me because of how bad my moving denial was. It was embarrassing. I have gotten better over the years. At least I keep telling myself that! Anyway, yesterday was our move out day and it was a long one. We woke up early to do the last minute tasks and get to loading up the trailer and cleaning. It was exhausting. I’m glad we have a day to “rest” in between moving out and moving in. We would have been up all night if we’d also had to move in yesterday.

Tomorrow is the day we officially become Sacramento residents! This has been a few years in the making and I know Brandon and I are both so excited for our life there. It makes the hard work and totally ruined manicure worth it. Once we get the wifi up I'll be able to share about the road trip. Stay tuned for that!