a casual rainy day outfit

From job interviews to rainy days, I'm enjoying pushing the limits of this season's capsule wardrobe! Last week had a few rainy days sprinkled in (ha! do you see what I did there? That was an accident!) and the rain is only getting more and more frequent as we get closer to November.

I always forget how much I like the rain. I mean, I like the rain if I’m not driving. But I don’t mind being outside or walking around in it. Mostly because it reminds me of living in Costa Rica where it poured every day. But there’s something to be said about the chilly crispness of the air when it rains!

I’m getting a lot of use out of my green jacket this season. I’ve been layering it over a gray hoodie on rainy or chillier days. The jacket is the perfect weight for layering! I’m also wearing it a lot because I wear a lot of blue jeans and there are only so many times I can do the denim on denim look without getting sick of it. I might need to either find some more colored denim or add my black jacket back into the mix.


Under the jacket is a simple outfit that we’ve all probably worn a thousand times. It’s a striped long sleeve tee tucked in to skinny jeans tucked into combat boots. I joked on Instagram that my combat boots are the closest thing I have to rain boots but it’s true! I’ve never sprayed them with that water protecting stuff and they hold up really well against the rain. Way better than my favorite Lucky ankle boots, which I love too much to expose to the rain without a good spray.

Since I love casual style, I have to find ways to polish my outfits a little. I want to look relaxed, not like I just rolled out of bed! An easy way I do this is tucking my tees into my jeans. Tucking this striped top in helped define my waist which balanced out the bulkiness of the rest of the outfit.

To protect my curls from the rain and cold and wind, I threw on this black slouchy beanie I stole from my husband. He never wore it so I feel like it’s a justified steal haha! I’m still trying to figure out quick but cute hairdos for curly girls. Right now I either braid it up all intricately or stuff if under a hat a pray no one examines my curl pattern too much. If any fellow curlies are out there and have any suggestions, please let me know! I’d be in your debt for-evah.

What I love about this look is that it’s cozy without sacrificing style. When one of your style words is simple (like me), the styling is super important. A tucked in t shirt or a small knot at the front or side, even a rolled up sleeve or a fun sock peeking through at the ankle can give a simple outfit more visual interest!