Dear Sacramento, I Already Love You A Latte


I love coffee. More specifically, I love lattes. Like a lot. My college pastime was visiting new coffee shops with friends and I tried to keep that up once I moved back to the suburbs, but there just weren’t enough shops to explore. Sacramento doesn’t have that problem. There are so many coffee shops that last week, in anticipation for National Coffee Day (the best of the made up holidays if you ask me), I decided to sip my way through my neighborhood. I went to four shops within walking distance from my apartment and got to enjoy the different ambiances and espressos of these local gems.

I'm super excited to share my newbie short list of Sacramento coffee shops!

Temple Coffee (22nd & K + more)

I would probably get chased out of town if I dared do a Sacramento coffee roundup without including Temple. Brandon and I had a coffee/tea date last week at the newest Temple location on 22nd and K. The place is pretty large and has lots of seating inside and outside. But it’s also really pretty. The floor is a penny floor that the Temple crew laid in by hand! What a labor of love.

I always enjoy Temple’s espresso, whether it’s in my standard latte (hot or iced is delicious) or the affogato with dolce de leche gelato. The awesome thing about all the Temple locations is each one is designed differently. They all feel like a Temple coffee shop, but they also have their own personalities!


The Mill (1827 I St.)

This is my newest Sacramento find thanks to instagram. The minimalist décor is beautiful and the use of blue in the design had me drooling over my waffle. The color palette of golden wood tones, white walls and a truly gorgeous shade of blue make this place really easy on the eyes. If you visit, you should definitely order a waffle with your coffee. It was crunchy and fluffy and delicious. Of course I managed to get powdered sugar all over myself when I took the first bite, so my advice is to be prepared: the sugar will spill. They also have affogatos on the menu with a pretty snazzy selection of gelato. I’m not the most adventurous foodie, so I stuck with the Tahitian vanilla when I ordered one and it was gooooood.

The wifi isn’t the fastest here but it’s a cool place to hang out and chat. There’s lots of outdoor seating, especially with the new back patio area! I can’t wait to spend some more time hanging out here.


Old Soul Co. (on the 17th St side of Leistal Alley)

If you follow me on snapchat you heard me say that this is my new favorite coffee shop. It’s about a five minute walk from my house and I had the most delicious latte there this week. Like so delicious I think I dreamt about it later. Apparently when they started selling to the public they did it without set business hours and with a jar as the cash register. The no-fuss vibe of the place is refreshing and the espresso is so smooth.

I’ve ordered off the food menu twice. I’d would order the breakfast sando again. It’s small but good. I’d pass on the BLT. The sandwiches are generally smaller, which I’m fine with, but the ratio of sandwich filling to bread was off in my non-foodie opinion. The lavender lemonade, however? Worth it.


Insight Coffee (1615 16th St)

I’m was embarrassed (in a #sorrynotsorry way) at how many of my Insight lattes had made it onto my Instagram until I counted and realized there were only four. Trust me, that's not that many, especially since I live less than two minutes away from their 16th St location. It's obviously become my go-to coffee shop. There’s an 85% chance you’ll find me in that Insight on any given day. I can always find a seat here, the staff is nice and the coffee is good. Plus they serve an El Salvador coffee! I love it when the motherland gets a shout out.

Of all the shops I’ve visited, I’ve tried more off their menu than any other. I regularly alternate between the latte and the sweet latte, which I’m pretty sure is sweetened with a house made vanilla syrup. It’s not Starbucks sweet which is exactly what I like about it. Brandon always orders an iced almond milk chai latte. Insight recently started offering a house made almond milk option which Brandon tells me is really good. The cold brew is also worth ordering.

As far as the pastry case goes, croissants rarely fail me and the ones from Insight are no different. Their energy balls with dried apricot are the best I’ve ever had. I even enjoyed the chocolate zucchini bread and I’m usually very anti-vegetables-in-my-pastries!


I’m positive there are more than four coffee companies to check out in Sacramento. I can’t wait to keep exploring this coffee hub I get to call home!

- - -

What do you look for when deciding what coffee shops to visit?