my winter capsule wardrobe

I’ve officially been doing the capsule wardrobe project for a year! This winter’s capsule is my fifth and I’m super excited about it. (But I’m basically always “super excited” about whatever I’m sharing, aren’t I?)

One thing I’ve certainly learned over the last year is what colors I love and am drawn to. If I had to describe my color style in one word, it’d have to be earthy. That adjective has shown up in my planning process more times than I could count.

Here’s the thing: before I started this capsule wardrobe thing, I only had a nebulous idea of what colors I liked and wanted to wear. My problem wasn’t that I didn’t know what I liked, it was a lack of practice in only buying what I liked to wear. I was buying whatever was eye-catching or trendy or appealing and that’s probably why I ended up hated everything in my closet. Of course nothing fit together! I wasn't putting any thought into my purchases!

Before I jump into the nitty gritty (and slightly tedious) part about how I planned my capsule, I’ll mention that I decided to base my process on Anushka’s capsule wardrobe building methods. I examined what my favorite outfits and go-to pieces were and created a uniform – or default outfit combo – from those elements.


My winter uniform is based in skinny jeans and ankle boots, with either a cozy knit sweater or t shirt as my top.

To help keep my wardrobe exciting, I threw in a few more outfit combinations based on that uniform.

  • Cozy sweater + jeans + other flat shoe, like my converse or some oxfords
  • Button up shirt + jeans + ankle boots
  • T shirt + jeans + long cardigan
  • T shirt + jeans + heeled booties
  • Cozy sweater + skirt + ankle boots

That last one is a bit out of left field but I’m still really, really trying to learn how to style skirts casually


OK, let’s talk colors. PS: it might be the last time we do because I don’t think I’ll ever deviate from this color palette in the future.

winter capsule wardrobe color scheme |

main colors – olive, leather brown, cream

neutrals – black, denim

accent – muted berry


Check out my video to see what I ended up with!


Happy capsuling!