How to Get the No-Makeup Makeup Look

No-makeup makeup looks are kind of everywhere I look right now and I can't say I'm mad. I’ve tried it and let me tell you, it makes getting ready in the morning about 1000 times faster PLUS there's less to wash off my face at night.

no makeup makeup routine | tinted green
no makeup makeup routine | tinted green

I enjoyed recording the Get Ready With Me video last month so I shot another makeup video this week. Everything I used is from my no-fail makeup products that I talked about on Instagram.

Here's everything you need to pull off the no-makeup makeup look.


I don't have a full skincare routine but I do have facewash! Normally I just throw some water on my face in the morning, but if I'm going for the no makeup look, I give my skin a gentle cleansing in the morning with this guy.


I generously apply my moisturizer to make sure my skin looks hydrated and dewy. I skip the BB cream and tinted moisturizer for this look, but if you're super uncomfortable with zero coverage, you can easily use a tinted moisturizer or a teeny bit of foundation mixed into your moisturizer for a little coverage.


I've started using an actual brow product from e.l.f. and I love it. Shout out to my sister for having great eyebrows and for passing the info on to me!


To trick myself into believing I get enough sleep. But also to cover up those spots we feel like we absolutely need covered. For me, it's under my eyes, a little on my eyelids, around my mouth and chin. I don't use a lot, but enough to make me feel confident to walk around without mascara. I hardly need to tell you Tarte makes my favorite.


I skip the bronzer and stick with blush to give my face a nice youthful flush. I find that a warm, peachy blush like this one works great!


I never skip this part! This step is what will really give me the glow I aim for! I dust my Tarte highlighter over the tops of my cheek bones to give my skin a beautiful sheen. 


I use my most hydrating lip balm to keep my lips smooth. I picked up a new one from The Body Shop last month and it's been game changing. Sometimes I'll also throw on a nude pink lip stick or lip tint to give my lips a little more color.

That;s all you need to complete a no-makeup look! I think my favorite part of the no-makeup makeup routine is how much space there is to play. Maybe one day you throw on some mascara. The next you opt for a bolder lip. Or maybe skip the blush and use bronzer instead.

Have you ever tried the no-makeup makeup look?

What products do you use?

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