Spring Curly Hair Routine (Cruelty Free)

Hey guys! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I'm back with another video! I had a couple people ask me about my curly hair routine and I figured it was about time I shared it.

Before I talk about products and stuff, I want to touch on what kind of curly hair I have. I know it looks like I have a lot of thick hair, but I don’t. My hair is pretty deceiving – there’s actually not that much of it and it’s not that thick either, it just has a lot of volume.

My hair is also low porosity, which just means it doesn’t easily absorb moisture. If you’re wondering what kind of porosity your hair is, just take a strand of clean hair and set it on top of some still water, like in a glass. The faster your hair absorbs the water and falls to the bottom of the glass, the higher porosity your hair is. Mine is extremely low porosity so that definitely affects how and what I use in my hair.

I also want to mention that my hair is due for a professional cut. I’ve definitely slacked on scheduling an appointment with my hair wizard, so just know that everything I’m doing right now, I’m doing it to hold me over until May.

I've spent the better part of 2 years learning to love and embrace my hair, so I hope this routine inspires you to do the same!

curly hair routine (cruelty-free!) | tintedgreen

Onto the fun stuff!


I washed my hair with some diluted shampoo from Trader Joe’s for this video. I recently started diluting my shampoo and have really liked the way my hair has reacted to it. My scalp and hair are clean without totally stripping my hair of its natural oils.

I recently picked up a new non-clarifying shampoo from Maui Moisture, but I'm not sure if the shea butter will be too heavy for my hair type. I'll report back when I've made up my mind!


I condition my hair with Innersense. I work it into my palms before I apply it to my hair. If my hair doesn't feel like there's enough water in it, I'll quickly run it under the shower head to saturate it and then do a quick finger detangle before going in with a wide tooth comb or brush. I let the conditioner sit while I shave and wash my face and then rinse it out completely.


As soon as I turn the shower off, I reach for my leave in moisturizer from Carol's Daughter. I love that this product is water based because it makes it easy to rinse out plus it makes refreshing my day 2 curls so much easier.


My curly hair routine only has a few products in it because my hair is so prone to buildup. In the video, I talk a little about my frustration with most of my Shea Moisture products. The styling product I ended up using (and loving, by the way) is this style butter. It's from the same line of Carol's Daughter products as the leave in conditioner I use. I was very impressed with this new product. It's absolutely earned its spot in my regular curly hair routine as well as my refresh routine.


Alright I know I just finished talking about being frustrated with Shea Moisture products, but this oil blend is probably the one thing I'll always buy from them. Seriously, my only qualm with this product is that no Target within 100 miles from me carries it so I have to order it online.

I feel like I should mention that this product has a very strong, unique fragrance. I personally like the scent of it, but I can see how it might be a turn off for some people.

I apply this product starting from the ends and really concentrating it there before moving up towards my roots.


This is when I’ll scrunch up the last remaining bit of water using a flour sack towel. You can use a t shirt if you want but I’d try to use something as close to 100% cotton. I keep my hair wrapped for at least an hour before taking it down.

Once it's down, I let my hair part itself wherever and leave it to air dry. Once my hair is almost totally dry, I'll adjust my part if I want to and wear the wild hair look for the rest of the day!

That's my wash and go curly hair routine! I'm a huge proponent of embracing our natural hair texture and I hope this gives you some inspiration to rock your hair in its natural beauty.

Let me know if you try any of these products and if they work for you! Also, go give the video a thumbs up if you'd like to see/read more about my curly hair routines/journey/styles/whatever!