Spring 10x10 Challenge Recap

I find it interesting how life is a constant curve ball. One day you’re planning for a 10x10, thinking you know what the weather and your schedule will be like, and the next thing you know, you’re working thrice as much as you expected to, your hot water is basically non-existent, and it isn’t nearly as sunny as you planned for.

Even with the craziness and the variables, I’m glad I stuck with the challenge.

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Spring 10x10 Day 10

Here it is! The last look of the Spring 10x10/Unfancy Remix!

You may notice that I broke the rules again. And by that I mean I disregarded all of them.

See, the last day of the challenge landed on Easter Sunday. While I love the t shirt dress and other clothes I chose to include in this challenge, none of them screamed Resurrection Sunday to me.

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Spring 10x10 Day 9

Oh man, the Spring 10x10/Unfancy Remix is almost over! I can hardly believe it! I feel like I’ve learned so much from limiting myself this much.

I mean, at the very least I know I hate limits this strict. I’m working on a debriefing post where I’ll share what I’ve learned from doing the challenge for next week.

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