Spring 10x10 Day 9

Oh man, the Spring 10x10/Unfancy Remix is almost over! I can hardly believe it! I feel like I’ve learned so much from limiting myself this much.

I mean, at the very least I know I hate limits this strict. I’m working on a debriefing post where I’ll share what I’ve learned from doing the challenge for next week.

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March Thrift Haul

If you guys read my eco-resolutions for 2017, you know I really want to teach myself how to thrift. Like most people, if I need or want new clothing, I head to the mall or TJ Maxx. I know the fashion industry is super wasteful and polluting (not to mention the people making these clothes aren't exactly paid a fair wage), so to curb my reliance on the mall and green my closet a little bit, I ventured out to the thrift store a couple times in March. I went in thinking I'd be lucky to find one good thing and ended up with three great things on my first trip and a couple more on my second trip.

Watch the video to see what I scored at the thrift store!

I'm throwing this out there on all the channels, but I really want to shoot a Q&A video soon. Like I said in the video and on instagram, if you have any questions about capsule wardrobes, eco-friendly products or green lifestyle, or even about my hair, go ahead and ask! You can comment here on the blog, on instagram, on the youtube video or send me an email if you prefer that! Thanks in advance!