Weekend Capsule Wardrobe Outfits

If you haven't noticed, I've been experimenting with how to share my capsule wardrobe outfits with you. I don't consider myself a fashion blogger because honestly, most of my clothes are hella old and I tend to wear the same outfits over and over again. My style is simple which can easily read as boring on a screen (and maybe in real life, too).

Anyway, I'm trying something new and made a short video of what I wore over the weekend!

I really want to offer a realistic look at what a capsule wardrobe can be. We're not all fashion bloggers or style mavens but we can all still look cute while wearing clothes we feel great in.



winter capsule wardrobe outfit for a casual weekend | sweater and raw hem levis jeans and converse | tintedgreen



capsule wardrobe outfit | denim on denim winter style | chambray shirt and high waisted madewell jeans paired with clark's desert boots and a beret | tintedgreen



winter capsule wardrobe outfit | madewell mockneck sweater and skinny jeans | tintedgreen
winter capsule wardrobe outfit | madewell mockneck sweater and skinny jeans | tintedgreen

Hope you have a happy week!

XO, Alex

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Hiking the Black Hole of Calcutta Falls Trail in Auburn, CA

One of my resolutions for this year is to go on one hike a month. I don't know about you, but January always feels like a throw away month for me. I feel like every year I try to make January the month that I go in on all these challenges and every year I'm too busy recovering from Christmas exhaustion to do any of them. I blinked and next thing I knew, it was the last weekend in January and I hadn't gone hiking yet. Thankfully, Sacramento didn't get rain for a week and that gave me the chance I needed to get outside.

Our original plan was to visit Hidden Falls Park in Auburn, but when Barbara got there she was told they were full. She hadn't been on the Mountain Quarry Trail before, so we met up in downtown Auburn and headed to the State Recreational Area to get our hike on.

Parking is usually hard to find but it seemed like the entire population of Auburn was out hiking. Like I said last time, I highly recommend getting out there as early as possible to get good parking.

The trail to the waterfall was a crowded but it cleared out quite a bit once we moved past it. We didn't walk the full length of the trail, but it's a fairly easy one. the trail is wide and well worn and relatively flat, except when you're near the waterfall. There's also a bit of exposure on the trail, which felt great in yesterday's sunny winter weather, but might not be as great in the sweltering summer heat.

Alright, enough details. Let's get on to the video and pretty pictures!!

winter capsule wardrobe hiking outfit | tinted green
winter capsule wardrobe outfit for hiking


flannel: madewell (new to the capsule!) | jeans: levis | boots: steve madden

besties who shoot together, stay together <3

besties who shoot together, stay together <3

my winter capsule wardrobe

I’ve officially been doing the capsule wardrobe project for a year! This winter’s capsule is my fifth and I’m super excited about it. (But I’m basically always “super excited” about whatever I’m sharing, aren’t I?)

One thing I’ve certainly learned over the last year is what colors I love and am drawn to. If I had to describe my color style in one word, it’d have to be earthy. That adjective has shown up in my planning process more times than I could count.

Here’s the thing: before I started this capsule wardrobe thing, I only had a nebulous idea of what colors I liked and wanted to wear. My problem wasn’t that I didn’t know what I liked, it was a lack of practice in only buying what I liked to wear. I was buying whatever was eye-catching or trendy or appealing and that’s probably why I ended up hated everything in my closet. Of course nothing fit together! I wasn't putting any thought into my purchases!

Before I jump into the nitty gritty (and slightly tedious) part about how I planned my capsule, I’ll mention that I decided to base my process on Anushka’s capsule wardrobe building methods. I examined what my favorite outfits and go-to pieces were and created a uniform – or default outfit combo – from those elements.


My winter uniform is based in skinny jeans and ankle boots, with either a cozy knit sweater or t shirt as my top.

To help keep my wardrobe exciting, I threw in a few more outfit combinations based on that uniform.

  • Cozy sweater + jeans + other flat shoe, like my converse or some oxfords
  • Button up shirt + jeans + ankle boots
  • T shirt + jeans + long cardigan
  • T shirt + jeans + heeled booties
  • Cozy sweater + skirt + ankle boots

That last one is a bit out of left field but I’m still really, really trying to learn how to style skirts casually


OK, let’s talk colors. PS: it might be the last time we do because I don’t think I’ll ever deviate from this color palette in the future.

winter capsule wardrobe color scheme | tintedgreenblog.com

main colors – olive, leather brown, cream

neutrals – black, denim

accent – muted berry


Check out my video to see what I ended up with!


Happy capsuling!